Sustainability at FIVE interweaves throughout the complete customer experience. 


Sustainable Indulgence

Dominating Dubai’s luxury hospitality scene through high octane immersive entertainment experiences, FIVE understands the importance of zero sacrifice on customer experience and the intrinsic importance of sustaining a world it reaps from richly.

To continue curating world-class entertainment experiences and the finest luxury living, FIVE recognizes the fate of our planet, and its business, lies in responsible stewardship of the environment. Driven by its core millennial base, FIVE has aligned with our planet’s arising generation to lead the way in 'Sustainability Without Compromise,' trailblazing the ultimate entertainment and luxury experiences within an environmentally responsible framework.

How can that be done? By pursuing a 'do more with less' mindset and investing in the latest eco-friendly technologies - leading FIVE to uncover the symbiotic path of financial strength and sustainable strategy.

LEED Platinum & 3 Star SPIRE Smart Building Rating

FIVE’s flagship destination, FIVE Palm Jumeirah skyrocketed to success after establishing itself as Dubai’s number one party destination. To sustain its epic entertainment platform, the hotel developed cutting-edge technology and efficient operations trailblazing sustainability in parallel with its growing entertainment ecosystem.

Today with Solar powered water heating, lush landscaping sustained by repurposed water, local produce, biodegradable amenities, and smart controls to conserve energy, at FIVE Palm Jumeirah your entire experience will flow seamlessly sustainable without compromise.

Together with FIVE Jumeirah Village and FIVE Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Hotels and Resorts are the only SPIRE Smart Building Rated hotels in the world and proudly LEED Platinum.