Mid-Autumn Festival in Dubai 8th – 10th September 2022 at Maiden Shanghai

5th September 2022

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Dubai at Maiden Shanghai

Gather your friends and family as Chef Luo Bing invites you to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival  in Dubai – or otherwise known as the Moon Festival – with a curated sharing style set menu to set your tastebuds alight. Enjoy more than 10 dishes emblematic of true Chinese tradition, from Bing’s signature crispy prawn and sea bass roll, handmade crystal prawn dumplings, best-selling chicken in Kung Pao sauce and of course, a selection of homemade mooncakes.

Here’s are some of the most traditional dishes that await you on the specially curated Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu at Maiden Shanghai:

  1. Poached Jumbo Asparagus

A vegetarian’s favourite – the Poached Jumbo Asparagus. Glazed with toasted sesame seeds and Shanghai sauce, this starter is usually served cold. The delicious Shanghai sauce is a combination of soy and hoisin sauce and has a sweet zest.

  1. Wok-tossed Chicken in Kung Pao Sauce

A classic in Chinese cuisine is the Kung Pao dish, which completes every Chinese menu and is the first to come up in your hunt for “Mid-Autumn Festival in Dubai”.

Habitually, Kung Pao contains Chicken, which is boiled but Chef Luo Bing’s recipe uses a combi-oven to steam and bake the chicken, which keeps its nutritional value intact. You don’t want to miss out on this – one of the most flavourful Chinese dishes! Expect juicy minced chicken tossed in cashew nuts, smoked dry chillies, garlic, ginger and Beijing onion – we call this an explosion of flavours!

  1. Fresh Grouper Fillet

This one’s a signature at Maiden Shanghai! Not only does it pay homage to traditional and authentic Chinese foods, but it’s also a staple during the Moon Festival in China. Take a de-boned grouper fillet, mix it up with mushrooms, garlic leeks, Thai chillies, spring onions, smoked dry chillies and toss it all together in a hot and spicy broth. Finally, garnish with coriander and bean sprouts and give it a fiery kick with a sprinkle of Sichuan pepper powder.

  1. Delicious and Traditional Mooncakes

The best at last – a Mid-Autumn Festival in Dubai is incomplete without Mooncakes, a Cantonese Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Moon Festival – hence the name! Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges and accompanied by tea. You’re really in for a treat at Maiden Shanghai – we fill our homemade mooncakes with sweet potato, yam or custard!

Join us for a pre-dinner drink to kick off the celebrations in style before dining in our buzzing main dining restaurant or fun-dining exclusive private dining room and allow Chef Bing to take you on a culinary journey saturated in Chinese tradition.



Celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival in Dubai with a Set Menu at Maiden Shanghai for only AED 250 per person.

Subject to availability. Advance bookings are recommended. For bookings and inquiries call +971 (0) 44 55 99 89 or email [email protected]