Mamma Mia! You must try the new Neapolitian pizzas at The Delisserie

Ready to get Summer ready? Just wait! You have to try one or even two of the scrumptious Naepolitian pizzas from The Delisserie. What is the secret to Chef Salvatore’s mouthwatering pizzas we hear you say. He follows the 250 year old Unesco World Heritage recipe as well as the very best Italian ingredients. Cooked in an olive wood fire pizza, the dough is made 80% of Acqua Panna water and rested for 36 hours to create a light and fluffy base. From the classic margarita to the ever so tasty ‘Cucozza’ vegan pizza, you won’t know which one to try first. Buon appetite!


The Delisserie is open for dining every day, 8am-8pm