Dine with a 2 Michelin Starred Dessert Chef in Dubai

The innovative mastermind behind one of the world's first Michelin starred dessert restaurants, two Michelin starred Chef René Frank has announced his official collaboration with Dubai’s hottest lifestyle destinations FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village.  

Shaking up the dessert scene with the lightest dessert creations, you can now sample Chef René Frank’s exclusive dessert creations at FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s Maiden Shanghai, The Penthouse, The Delisserie and FIVE Jumeirah Village’s Soul St. Each dessert is truly unique and Instagrammable, starring fresh and high quality ingredients.  

„We kept a special eye on the lightness of the desserts and their balance in sweetness so that you can easily have three desserts in a row.“, René Frank 

Where to sample the new dessert creations 

Dubai’s No.1 rooftop destination, The Penthouses dessert creations have been inspired by René’s time in Japan boosting Japanese flavours and French dessert finesse. Sample the artfully created Japanese Adzuki Cheesecake (cherry, adzuki bean) or Champagne Creme Sorbet (Champagne, raspberry & longan). 

Inspired by Dubai's best Chinese Maiden Shanghai’s roaring 1920’s Shanghai inspired charm and taking on elements from the traditional Chinese dining culture, Dubai’s favourite gourmet dining venue offers a treat for the senses with artisan desserts like the Coconut Nectar Custard (Coconut bone marrow custard, beetroot-raspberry cookie, blood orange sorbet) and inventive Mooncake (Sweet potato, passion fruit). 

Indoor-outdoor, all-day café, The Delisserie focuses on homemade classic and a bean to bar concept with delicious creations like the Cheddar Cheese Fondant (baby red pepper, red pepper ice cream) and homemade chocolate dragees. 

Immersive dining experience that perfectly unites soul food with street art, Dubai's best street food restaurant Soul Street’s dessert menu has been inspired by the playfulness of the street food theme, boosting dessert classics from around the world and even one of René’s childhood memories, the divine Green Tea Waffle (strawberry ice cream, almond cream) and Nitro Black Forest cake (chocolate mousse, cheery compote, vanilla foam). 

About Chef René Frank  

René has over 15 years experience in prestigious restaurants around the world, including Restaurant Georges Blanc (3* Michelin) in France and Restaurant La Vie (3* Michelin) in Germany, along with numerous awards such as ‘German Pastry Chef of the Year’ by Gault Millau and ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’ from the German restaurant guide Busche Verlag. The launch of his very own restaurant CODA (2* Michelin) has elevated René to an industry trendsetter, being the first progressive dessert restaurant to be honored in the Michelin Guide.  


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