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Cinque, Ti Amo! Why this is the best Italian Restaurant in Dubai

During the Summer month, Italy is a popular destination to travel to. Every year many tourists flock to see Italy’s beautiful beaches, monuments, and to experience the carefree vibe but most importantly to devour typical and authentic Italian specialties. What better place to do all this than the Amalfi Coast… or in fact at Cinque at FIVE Palm Jumeirah – the best Italian Restaurant in Dubai.

From Capri to Sorento, our authentic Amalfi Coast menu is reinventing Italian cuisine. The family-style dishes are inspired by the true flavours of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and mamma’s classic dishes, making Cinque the best Italian Restaurant in Dubai

 Some of Cinque’s classics are too hard to resist and favourites amongst Italian Food connoisseurs. Read on to find out what mouth-watering dishes are absolute must-haves!

Carpaccio Di Fassona E Tartufo

A staple in the Italian cuisine and a traditional Italian appetizer consisting of raw beef sliced paper-thin – Carpaccio! Made of fresh, cold and thinly-sliced piedmont beef, hazelnut mayonnaise, rocket, parmesan and black truffle. A true explosion of tastes! Carpaccio as we know it today was invented in the 1950s by a restauranteur in Venice named Giuseppe Cipriani – does this ring a bell?

Spaghetti Alle Vongole

At Cinque, we're known to specialize in seafood inspired by the Amalfi Coast, so our ingredients are sourced directly from Italy daily which makes the taste so fabulous and authentic – just like this “Spaghetti alle Vongole”, Italian for “Spaghetti with clams”, which will transport you right onto a beachside ristorante.

Filetto Di Manzo

Into meat? We’ve got you! This is a delicate and tender Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin, one of Italy's most famous secondo piatto (second course). A boneless piece of beef, which is quickly pan-seared then sliced thinly before being served on a bed of; salsify purée, glazed salsify and foie gras scallop – all of which are sides with a quirky twist.

 Overlooking FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s social pool, our fun-dining ristorante and bar are ideal for groups of friends and family. Arrive early or stay late and allow our expert mixologists to create the perfect pre-or-post dinner cocktail. One more thing - you’ll be in complete awe, when you see the wine collection in here! Whether it’s an Italian, French or Austrian wine you’re on the lookout for – you’re guaranteed to find it at Cinque, the best Italian Restaurant in Dubai.

 Wait! that’s not all yet. Cinque has been awarded the Best Italian Restaurant in Dubai 2021 by BBC Good Food Middle East Awards 2021 and Italian Restaurant of the year 2021 by Hospitality Excellence.

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If you’re craving a holiday but can’t actually make it to the Mediterranean oasis this summer, it’s time to visit Cinque, the most authentic and best Italian Restaurant in Dubai. For reservations or more information email [email protected] or call +971 4 455 9989