11th August 2022

Plunge into the icy cool waters in our Ice Bath at ReFIVE Spa Palm Jumeirah and get in on the cold water immersion action. This is fast becoming one of our top wellness treatments and one of the top spa treatments in Dubai, thanks to the epic benefits. Keen to give it a try? Here’s four reasons to try Ice Bath Therapy:

Tough Workout? Ice Baths Can Help Your Muscles Recover Quicker

When you are exposed to cold water, your blood vessels constrict and get smaller. And when you get out of the water, the change in temperature causes them to quickly re-open, which helps to flush out metabolic waste from your muscles. This also delivers much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the your muscles, which helps thme to recover after a vigourous workout.

Prevent Muscle Pain

Not only does cold water immersion help your muscles recover faster but it also helps to delay muscle pain or that ‘stiff’ feeling you get after a tough workout. This is due to the fact that this spa treatment in Dubai helps to reduce inflammation and therefore prevent that stiff feeling you get after working out.

Cool Your Body Down, Fast

Sure it’s an obvious benefit but ice bath therapy is effective for rapidly cooling your body temperature. Similar to taking a cold shower, this helps to relieve exertional hyperthermia… It’s no wonder this is fast becoming a popular spa treatment in Dubai, right?

Improve Your Sleep Patterns

The cold water has a positive effect on your central nervou system, which ultimately means that this popular spa treatment in Dubai does more than just assist with muscle recovery but that is also helps you sleep better at night.

Help Boost Your Immunity

Keeping our immune system healthy and strong is something we are all thinking more and more about. Many people are turning to this spa treatment in Dubai as an immunity booster. In fact, studies have shown that those who use regular use of cold water immersion therapy, are less likely to call in sick for work.

Get 10 Sessions For Just AED995 At ReFIVE Spa

Ice Bath Therapy is fast becoming a popular spa treatment in Dubai because those who use it, are experiencing a whole variety of benefits. However, this is something you need to do frequently in order to really max out your benefits. That’s why we’re offering 10 sessions for just AED995 at ReFIVE Spa FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

Enjoy 10 sessions for just AED995 at ReFIVE Spa, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. For bookings call 04 455 9964


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